Done on the sly...

Jimmy decided to surprise his wife with a clean and organzied garage.  Harry and I had a blast putting this all together while they were away for the weekend!

  1. Before
  2. Wall Left Before
  3. Close Up Wall Left Before
  4. Wall Right Before
  5. Back wall before
  6. Ball Wall Before
  7. Close Up Right Wall Before
  8. Before
  9. Title 9
  10. Finishing Touch for Liam
  11. Surprise Kathleen!
  12. After
  13. New BFF's
  14. Close Up Wall Left After
  15. Wall Left After
  16. Nerf Guns and Sports Equipment
  17. Right Wall Bikes After
  18. Wall Right After
  19. Elfa Close Up Right Wall
  20. Finishing touch for Jimmy
  21. Back Wall After
  22. Back Wall After