Photo Organization

A picture is worth a thousand memories.

  1. $400.00
    "Stop saying 'I Wish' and start saying 'I Will'." You CAN have your all your photos organized! For real! This package includes: Up to 5,000 photos (print & digital) consolidated into one place. Remove all duplicate photos. Put photos into chronological order. Each additional 1,000 photos : $65
  2. $.10 a photo
    Remember when we actually used to print our photos? When we couldn't wait to rip open that envelope to see how awesome (or ridiculous) we looked? Well... you probably still have a lot of those dinosaurs laying around the house. Let's scan 'em and put them where we can use them (Hello? Throwback Thursday is calling!).
  3. $25 a month
    Let's keep those memories in check. For a monthly fee, I can help edit and tag photos and even create annual photo books! Try and keep it together and put an end to the photo madness!